City of Stuttgart, Germany

ConnectHeat activities will focus on the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (SWSG) of Stuttgart, the capital city of the federal state Baden-Württemberg, situated in the South-West of Germany. Stuttgart has 634,000 inhabitants, the Stuttgart region about 2.8 Mio inhabitants. The latest energy report from 2018, reports 16.212 GWh/a primary energy consumption for Stuttgart with the main sectors being trade commerce (33%) and housing (31%). The renewable energy production in the city amounts to 0.6 %, the balanced amount of renewable energy to 18.5%.

Ambition, vision and expected objectives

  1. To engage consumers, community representatives and other stakeholders and raise awareness on EE, DHC systems, RES solutions and possible business models.
  2. To analyse two different approaches and investigate several measures to reduce fossil energy consumption and increase energy efficiency: a technical approach as an AI-control (artificial intelligence) system and a citizen-led approach as an activation and motivation campaign including financial and nonfinancial innovative incentive systems for tenants to influence their energetic behavior towards more energy efficiency.
  3. To support the local community to use the outcomes together with analysis of increasing the share of RES in DHC systems to transfer the methods to other community energy initiatives throughout Stuttgart.