Gemona del Friuli - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Italy

Gemona del Friuli is located in the centre-north of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in a pre-alpine area at the bottom of the Tagliamento river valley. It has approximately 11,000 inhabitants and is the major town of the Gemonese Mountain Community, formed by 6 municipalities. There are no district heating networks in the town and the heating sector is therefore fully dominated by natural gas or, in some cases, by fuel oil.

Ambition, vision and expected objectives

  1. To analyse the technical and economic feasibility for the development of small biomass-based district heating, evaluating the possibility of integration of waste heat and solar thermal energy.
  2. To foster the conditions for the establishment of a local supply chain based on biomass and waste heat and to create a community energy structure highly replicable in the regional context, that can involve different public and private actors, raise social awareness about sustainability and energy efficiency issues, generates local revenues and supports circular economy. There is the ambition to make the district heating network a flagship project at regional level.