October 3, 2023

In a monumental stride towards sustainable energy solutions, Croatia is set to pioneer the first-ever Gateway about Energy Community, as part of the EU project Shares. This national online platform is poised to revolutionise the dissemination of information surrounding energy communities, renewable energy sources, and other forms of civic energy.

The ConnectHeat initiative will play an integral role in this endeavor, leveraging the platform to foster collaboration and ensure widespread awareness about the concept of energy communities. This visionary project is a joint effort with the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, aligning with REGEA’s commitment to three European projects dedicated to civic energy and energy communities.

The overarching goal is to establish pertinent topics in a transparent and accessible manner, ultimately setting a new standard in the field. The Gateway will serve as a central digital hub in each partner country, providing local champions with the comprehensive resources needed to initiate or expand their energy community projects.

This innovative platform marks a significant leap forward in Croatia’s efforts to champion sustainable energy practices, with the potential to inspire similar initiatives on a global scale. The Gateway promises to be a catalyst for positive change, empowering communities to take charge of their energy future.

The link to the Gateway: https://energetske-zajednice.hr/best-practices/ (in Croatian)

Stay tuned for more updates as Croatia leads the way in building a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow through energy communities!

Written by Martin Stroleny