Oeste Region OSTEAPOR, Portugal

Oeste Region include 12 municipalities, in a territory with a population of 360,000 inhabitants located in NUT III, “Centro” Region, sub-regional Oeste. Energy consumption is 575 910 toe/year, causing the release of 1 784 MtonCO2eq. The region is very dependent on fossil fuels. Heating oil and electricity are the main energy sources (37% and 34% on total consumptions), while natural gas has only 8% of share. The region lives under a false perception that identifies it as warm and therefore where heating needs are not considered as a priority in terms of thermal comfort in buildings. As a result, most buildings are not equipped with central heating or cooling systems and individual, electric and less efficient heating systems, or HVAC are used in most cases.

Ambition, vision and expected objectives

  1. To promote the diffusion of RES DHC networks and provide experiencing with technology and concepts.
  2. To develop the local potential for biomass use, and stimulate the local economy with an existing local abundant resource.
  3. To engage stakeholders, consumers and relevant professionals by providing a better scope at technical and economic levels with DHC community energy and promote the implementation.